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Who Am I

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Discipleship, you can say, is in my blood. I started ‘discipling’ when I was just a three-month old believer, and had been doing it since. Over the years, God has helped me to understand what discipleship really is and how to do it effectively.

My talent/spiritual gift of teaching has been confirmed by Spiritual Gift Inventories, and affirmed by friends. But I teach and preach the whole counsel of God not just because of my gift of teaching. I do it because I count it a privilege and duty as an ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1995, my family and I were sent out as missionaries to Central Asia, where we spent a total of 10 years reaching out and ministering to the unreached people groups. It was at the Commissioning Service that I received my spiritual name ‘Joshua’. Like the Joshua in the Bible, God has given me the mandate to help His people enter the Promised land (their destiny and purpose in life), and that’s what I hope to be able to do for you.

Tell me what the next milestone of your Christian looks like and I will journey with you to achieve it.

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Learn to FIND, FOLLOW, and FULFIL God’s purpose for your life.

Torah Club

Mention the Old Testament and what comes to mind are difficult to pronounce names, tribes and nations, covenants made and broken, wars and bloodshed, polygamy and fornication. There are many stories contained in its immense volume but it seems mostly historical with little or no hermeneutical relevance to modern man. For these reasons and more, I have paid little attention to the Old Testament for a large portion of my Christian life. The New Testament, as the name implies, appeared newer and more relevant. It was easier to understand, though not always easy to obey.

I started to take the study of Torah more seriously in 2003 when God drew my attention to Joshua 1:8. It says that the secret to success in life is the constant meditation of “the book of the law”. And what is that? That’s right, it is the Torah – the first five books of the Bible.

The correct understanding of the Torah is key to the correct understanding of most New Testament passages of Scripture. Jesus and all of the apostles were trained in the Torah, which formed the bedrock of their theology.

If you wish to study to Torah with me, then I invite you to join the Torah Club. We will meet twice a month for six months. As we examine the Torah, you will develop a Biblical perspective of the faith and build sound theological understanding on major themes of the Bible such as the Kingdom of God, faith, salvation, discipleship, and more.


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Faith Building

Between 2008 and 2010, God took me on a faith building journey.

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