Spend more time in God’s Word

I was watching an interview with the great Dr. Billy Graham on TV the other day, and one of the questions posed to him was "If you have the chance to live your life all over again, what would you do differently?"

This is a very common question asked by interviewers, and a good one at that. Many greats like Dr. Graham have been asked this question, and many have answered in the similar fashion that Dr. Graham did.

He said, "I would travel less, speak less (referring to talks given at Christian conferences, not evangelistic rallies), and spend more time in prayer, and the study and meditation of God’s Word."

Wow! So profound..and so applicable to all of us. Most Christians are living on a sub-standard diet of (daily) bread. They think they are doing okay, but they are really malnourished, yet, they are not ready for ‘solid food’ because they are not mature enough.

Occasionally, they will feast on the solid spiritual food dished out generously at seminars and conferences. It is a "eat-all-you-can-eat" event and so Christians naturally stuff themselves disregarding the dire consequences of doing that.

Some suffer from indigestion the next day, and throw up most of what they have consumed. Others are not so fortunate: they suffer from food poisioning, and never fully recover from the effects the ‘bad food’ had on their souls.

I pray that you are not one of them. I pray that you will have the discipine to read, study and meditate God’s Word regularly. If you do not yet have the discipline, I pray that you will aim to cultivate it in 2011. It isn’t hard, really.


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