Improving Your Prayer Language

I have learned many things from my children. Recently I learned about prayer.

I have two daughters. A 7-year old and a 20-year old. The 7-year old still struggles to articulate what she wants sometimes. A part of it is shyness, the other part is a limited vocabulary. It doesn’t matter because most of the time I would know almost immediately what she was trying to ask for.

The 20-year old, on the other hand, expresses well – with correct grammar and word choice – what she wants and needs. This is expected. If she has the same struggle as the 7-year old, I would worry and would have to pray for her. (We are to be child-like in our faith, not childish.)

In the same way, we should see improvements in our prayer language – in the way we ask God for the things we want and need. This is one of the indications that we are growing spiritually.


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