The Illusive Singapore Dream

The Singapore Dream is an illusive dream.

It cannot be attained.

It is like driving a car with no headlights in a long dark tunnel.

You see a light in the distance and think to yourself … there’s the end of the tunnel.

You press on the accelerator, hoping to reach the end sooner.

An hour later, you’re still not there yet.

You press on the accelerator even more.

Another hour passes and the light is still in the distance.

This is happening to you now.

The Singapore Dream is painted on a large canvas and held somewhere in front of you.

You start to move towards it, but cant reach it.

You’re told to work harder.

And you do.

But the dream is still not within your reach.

You’re told to increase productivity.

And you do.

At the same time, the canvas is moving forward (away from you).

It is an illusive dream.

It’s time to chase after a different dream – God’s dream for you.


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