Forget Not All His Benefits

I was challenged, one day, as I was reading Psalm 103:2: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits”, to make a list of all the benefits that I, as a believer of Jesus Christ and a child of God, was entitled to. Surprisingly, I could not name more than the five assurances I learned when I first became a believer: the assurance of salvation, forgiveness of sin, answered prayer, guidance and victory. I thought that, as a seasoned Bible teacher, a missionary of thirteen years, and an ordained pastor, I would be able to do better than that. I guess I have presumed too much. Counting the benefits of (knowing) the Lord is not the same as counting your blessings.

Forget Not All His BenefitsYou count your blessings after the fact – when you have actually received or experienced the blessing. The benefits of the Lord, on the other hand, are those which Christians are entitled to and can expect to receive and experience because of their faith in Christ. Imagine that you are a member of an exclusive club which avails many benefits to its members, but because you did not read the contract or handbook thoroughly you were ignorant of most, if not all, of them. As a result, you were deprived of the pride and pleasure of membership.

Sadly, many Christians – for a long time, myself included – have been kept in the dark about all the benefits of the Lord. They know of a few; and even those, they know little  about. 

How did we come to this? Here is how I believe it happened.

FORGET NOT ALL HIS BENEFITS (121 pages) is the title of this e-book that I have written. It can be yours at only S$10. Make payment by clicking on the PayPal icon on the front page and a copy of the book (in PDF) will be on its way to your inbox soon.


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