Who wears the pants?

Feminism has crossed the line, in my opinion. It started out with a good and noble goal of restoring the rights due to women. Now that that goal has been mostly accomplished, this movement seems to be looking for other causes to justify its continued existence. It has since sought to not only make women equal to men, they are making women the same as men.

Let’s face it: women may be equal to men but they can never be the same as men. It was not meant to be.

Trying to make women the same as men is like making a cat a dog. It just doesn’t work. It isn’t supposed to. And even if they succeed, it would not be natural.

Christians have, consciously or unconsciously, been influenced by the latest push by feminism so much so that marriages and families have been adversely affected. In this post, I will only touch on one question created by feminism, and that is: “If the wife earns more than the husband, is the wife then the head of the house?”

Many will answer yes because their presupposition is that the man, who is the God-appointed head of the house, is also the provider. So, inadvertently, the role and function of the man has been lumped together as one inseparable entity. The provider is the head of the house.

Christians would point to Adam in the Bible and say that it was his responsibility to provide for Eve and his children. He worked hard in the field every day to put food on the table. And this has been the pattern throughout the history of Mankind since then.

But is this logic correct?

Why are we looking at the pattern of life outside the Garden (which represents the Fallen state of Man and the world) when we should be looking at the pattern God has instituted in the Garden?

in the Garden, Adam was not the provider. God was. That was how it was. That is how it should be today.

My point is: it does not matter who earns more or who is the breadwinner. (I don’t even like the term “breadwiner. It connotes that we have to strive to win, to survive. And what’s the prize? Bread.) A Christian family must recognize God as their Provider (Jehovah Jireh) and trust Him to do so. And He can provide for the family through either the man or the woman, whoever has the right skill sets or abilities.

What’s more, earning power should not determine hierarchy in the family. Hierarchy has been pre-determined by God. “The husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the Church” (Ephsians 5:23). God did not attach any conditions to it, and neither should we.


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