You will know Him (Part 3): God the Provider


This article is part of a series based on my teaching What it means to be under the New Covenant.

We are still in the first chapter of Genesis and God was at work creating.

On the first day, God made Light and Darkness. On the second day, He created the heaven. He made the earth and sea on the third day, and vegetation also. On the fourth day, the sun and moon were made. The fifth day was spent on creating the different types of living things: those that swam, those that flew, and those that moved on the ground. Man, the crowning glory of all God’s creation, was made on the sixth day. And on the seventh, God rested.

You have probably gone through this chapter and the account of creation countless times such that you feel that you already know all that is to know about it. That was how I felt, until God showed me something more. He showed me that the living things that we were created on the fifth and sixth day (the birds, fishes, animals and Man) all had a need: food. As such, you can say that they were created to be Consumers. This wasn’t a mistake; it was something God had planned from the beginning. And in His plan, He also made provisions for them. If you recall, God created vegetation on the third day – they were to be food for the living creatures. For Man, God planted a Garden in the east of Eden.

What we can, and must, learn from this simple account is that (1) God knows our needs before they even existed. And (2) He responds to that knowledge by providing for the need. Jesus, in Matthew 6, echoes the points that I’ve just made when He said: “Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him” (verse 8). and  “your Father knows that you have need of these things” (verse 32). But instead of trying to meet them the way the Gentiles are doing so, Jesus urges His people to have them met by seeking first God’s kingdom and His righteousness (verse 33). And when they do, “all these will be added” to them.

Take a moment now to meditate on this wonderful truth that you’ve just learned. Let it go from being a knowledge in your head to being a conviction in your spirit and soul.

The Bible tells us that all the days of our lives were ordained and written in God’s book before even one of them came to be (Psa 138:16). If God knew how long we would live, He would also know how much of everything – food, clothing, education, friends, health, etc. – we would need, right? And based on that knowledge, He has already made provisions for them. They are stored up in His kingdom now.


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