Acceptable Sacrifices

A sacrifice is not acceptable to God unless He has called for it. So don’t give to God what you think He would accept (or worse still, expect Him to accept it because you had given it). Remember Cain and the offering he brought? God did not honor it because it was not the offering He had asked for. Abel, on the other hand, brought what God had asked for and so was honored.

When you bring a sacrifice apart from what God had asked for, it is probably some leftovers. If not, it would most likely be something you can afford to give up. Which means, it didn’t cost you anything. David said that he would not give to God anything that costs him nothing. As Christians, we echo David’s words all the time. But are we doing the same?

When you offer to God a sacrifice He did not ask for, you have already received your reward: a clear conscience. You might even get the praise of men. But when you offer the thing that God asks for your reward will be exceedingly greater. Think of Abraham. When he did not withhold his only son but willingly gave him up because God asked for it, Abraham was blessed beyond anyone’s imagination. He was blessed in everything. His descendants were also blessed…to a thousand generations. What is the sacrifice that God has called for? It is you and I, our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to Him (Rom 12:1).


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