6 Reasons You Can’t Hear God

Having trouble hearing the voice of God? Here are 6 reasons why:

1. They do not know the different ways God can speak.

Christians need to understand that God’s communication comes to us in many forms. He may speak through dreams and visions, through our thoughts, indirectly through people or directly in an audible voice. Needless to say, all supernatural utterance must align with the spirit of the Written Word of God.

In the beginning, when I was just learning to recognize God’s voice, God would speak to me primarily through the Scriptures. But as I progressed, I began to hear His thoughts in my own thoughts, His voice in my own voice. It has happened many times where, during a teaching or preaching, I find myself saying something I had not thought of before. I knew, straight away, that it had been implanted into my mind by the Spirit there and then.

2. They do not believe God will speak to them. 

Christians must believe that God wants to speak to them. Somehow, many believe that God only speaks to the likes of Elijah, Moses, David and Paul. And, of course, Jesus. Who was Elijah? Granted he was one of the holy prophets of God. But he, James says, was “a human being like us” (Jas 5:17).

3. They have wrong motives for seeking to hear from God.

Many Christians have wrong motives when they seek to hear God’s voice. They want to know the future. Many people ask to hear God solely as a device for obtaining their own safety, comfort and sense of being righteous. “My extreme preoccupation with knowing God’s will for me may only indicate that I am overconcerned with myself, not a Christlike interest in the well-being of others or in the glory of God.”

Some people want to hear God’s distinct instructions so they will not have to be responsible for their actions.

As E.Stanley Jones observed,

“Suppose a parent would dictate to the child minutely everything he is to do during the day. The child would be stunted under that regime. The parent must guide in such a manner, and to the degree, that autonomous character, capable of making right decisions for itself, is produced. God does the same.”

4. They want to hear God’s voice to legitimize themselves.

Do you feel important when God speaks to you? You were important enough to Him that He redeemed you with His own blood. You do not need Him to speak to you to make you feel important.

Miriam and Aaron wanted God to legitimize their position, insisting that He spoke to them also. However, they were not in tune with what God wanted done, but only what they wanted done.

Some would like God to speak to them so that they would appear spiritual before men. Frederick B. Meyers writes, “So long as there is some thought of personal advantage, some idea of acquiring the praise and commendation of men, some aim of self-aggrandizement, it will be simply impossible to find out His purpose concerning us.”

5. They are not ready to go into business with God. 

Through out the Scriptures, when God speaks to an individual, it is to direct him to do something. Are you ready to do as He says?

The final reason why some cannot hear the voice of God will be hard to swallow for many but it is the truth. I have wrestled with this for a long time. I hesitated to put this down as a reason but finally I have to because it is the truth.

6. They are not born again.

A fish knows how to swim and breath underwater from the moment it was born. It does not need to be taught. It does it instinctively. It was born to do so. In the same way born again Christians have a new nature whereby hearing God’s voice is as natural as breathing. It is not part of his new nature, however, to sin.



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