What is your Worth?

What is valuable and what is not? Who knows for sure any more. Today, the value of most things are determined by the price tag attached to it. A car (in Singapore) for example, can cost anything from $20,000 to $200,000. Recently, someone paid $1.2 million for a dog. I love dogs and used to own two myself. But I would never part with a million dollars to have one. I have learned over the years that the value of something is not determined by what men are willing to pay for it. Rather, its value is determined by what God is willing to pay for it.

Based on this saying, your value and mine are immensely high because God willingly paid the highest price to redeem us. Try putting a pride tag on a human being and you will not have enough space for the zeros.

While we might be able to understand the meaning of these words, we might not yet fully appreciate and appropriate its implication.

In Matthew, Christ put it plainly to us. He said that we are more valuable to the Father than the sparrows. They, Jesus said, do not toil nor spin. Though there are other ways to distinguish humans from birds, Jesus chose this attribute – and for a reason.

Yes, unlike the sparrows, we have the ability to toil and spin – in other words, to work for our own sustenance. It is how God has created us, yet in a way it has become a stumbling block for many. Because we are able to work for our sustenance we have become reliant on it to the point that we no longer see the need for God’s provision. We know we still need God – at least we say it – but in our daily lives we do not show it. The advantage that we have over the birds – the ability to toil and spin – has ironically produced endless stress and anxiety in us. On the contrary, have you seen a worried bird?

Part of the gospel that Jesus preached while He was on the earth was “Have no anxiety about what you will eat, drink or wear” but “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things (what you need on a daily basis) will be added to you.” If you believe in the gospel, you must believe this too.


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