Why Christians should support Israel?

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Michael David Evans is an author, journalist, commentator and the head of several international non-profit organizations in the U.S. and Netherlands.

Why should Christians support Israel? Mike Evans states the many reasons, some being the following:

  1. Because God Does!
  2. Because when we support Israel, we are preparing for our Lord’s coming!
  3. Because God’s Word is true.
  4. Because God says He will bless those who bless Israel and Curse those who curse Israel. (Gen12:3)
  5. Because God hates Anti-Semitism!
  6. Because God says we are to comfort Israel (Isaiah 40: 1-2).
  7. Because God says His gifts and calls to Israel have not been revoked.
  8. Because God Almighty has preserved Israel!
  9. Because God says He would raise up intercessors!
  10. Because God says Israel is precious to Him, and He wrote His name in Jerusalem.

Explore in detail each reason above and understand why God has commanded blessings upon those who would bless and pray for the Jewish people.


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