Should we share the gospel?

Like many Christians, I was taught to share the gospel to the unsaved. For simplicity sake, so that almost anyone can do it quite confidently, the gospel has been reduced to a short and succinct presentation. But if the gospel is the power of God for salvation, wouldn’t reducing its substance also reduce its power? Perhaps, it has not reduced its power to save, as many still make the decision to believe in Christ Jesus, but it certainly has diminished its power to deliver. This explains why so many Christians are still living in various kinds of bondage. The gospel is not just about being forgiven of your sins so that you may go to heaven. The gospel is Good News, or a set of good news, actually. It not only promises freedom from sin, it also has the power to deliver you from Self and this evil present age. But when Christians are taught to present the truncated version of the gospel, and when it is believed by a repentant sinner, the gospel’s effect will be limited. For this reason, the Bible commands us to preach the gospel, not merely to share it.

When we are expected to preached the gospel, it forces us to be convinced of what the gospel can do. And if we ourselves have not experienced it, we’d better stop to ask “why”. By preaching the truncated gospel over and over again, Christians begin to believe that that is all that the gospel contains. Over time, they too will loose the wonder of it. It is not so great a salvation after all.


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