How God reveals His Will to us

As much as we would like God to telling us, clearly and plainly, what His will for us is, He won’t…less we run off and try to accomplish it on our own. Instead He has chosen to reveal it gradually and progressively, in accordance with our  submission.obedience.

Take Abram for example. God only told Abram to leave where he was and go to another place. He did not say where or why. Abram went. When he got there, God said that the land would belong to him and his descendants. He didn’t say how.

Then it dawned on Abram that he didn’t really have an heir, a son. So God promised him a son. Abram and Sarah waited, and waited, and waited, then produced a son on their own.

The Promised son was finally born. Years later God told Abram to sacrifice him. Abram did. In the end, Issac lived and, without knowing it, Abraham had fulfilled God’s will for his life.


Published by PARCSEN

Husband / Father of 3 / Christian Life Coach / Marriage Educator & Mentor

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