God is fair

Many who have observed my family’s long and endless financial struggle have asked, “Why does God allow you (and people like you) to struggle so much? Why doesnt He bless?”

Those who ask this question have a certain mindset and worldview. They see this life as the major thing. They think very little about what comes after it: eternity. Compared to this life, which is like vapour, eternity is when real living starts.

When this life and this world is what occupies your mind, you are carnal and will therefore act carnally. Jesus said that life is more than food and drink and clothing. Life, at least on this side of eternity, is but a test,  a probational period to access how you will live eternally.

Even though life seems unfair to mankind – resulying in tye rich and poor divide – God is fair in that He judges everyone justly in spite of the condition they are in. He is not comparing apples with oranges but apples with apples. How is this possible? He judges us on how we walk in His ways, our faith and our faithfulness. Dont think that just because one is rich he is not being tested. He might be tested subtly but surely. God watches how he treats the poor, how much he loves Him compared to how much he loves money. In the end, a poor man (like Lazarus) might be better rewarded in heaven than a rich man.


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