Mark Cuban on raising kids

Mark Cuban isn’t stupid. He realizes his billions could rub off on his kids the wrong way. He says it “literally scares the shit out of” him that they could end up snobby, entitled brats, to a point where it sometimes eats at him at night.

“After their health failing, my greatest fear in life — and I’ve said this to my 11-year-old daughter and have obviously talked about it with my wife, Tiffany — is that I don’t want them to be entitled jerks,” Cuban tells me on Culver City, Calif., set of Shark Tank.

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Raising children in an environment of wealth, abundance, prosperity and opulence is NOT easier than raising children in poverty and lack. There are unique challenges and dangers for both categories. Jesus tells us that the “thorns” that grow up in our hearts to choke the seed of God’s word can either be the “cares of this world” – which apply mostly to those in lack – or the “deceitfulness of riches” – which is what the rich, in general, are most vulnerable to.

If you are rich, then you are blessed…but for a reason. An it has nothing to do with you.

When God promised to bless Abram and his descendants, it wasn’t for their benefit, per say. It was so that they could be a blessing to the families (nations) of the world. Each of us ought to see ourselves as a channel of God’s blessing, both material and spiritual.

Mark Cuban is doing the right thing to his children. He says that he does not come home “with a ton of presents”. Instead, he wants them to earn everything they want in life. While this is a good principle to raise kids by, too often people use the same standard on the poor who are poor not due to any fault of their own. In God’s kingdom, there should be no poor (Deut 15:4). But the fact of the matter is, we will always have the poor among us (Deut 15:11 NIV). This only works to keeps us compassionate and “openhanded” towards our fellowmen who are poor.


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