Countdown to D-day

September 28 has been announced by a chorus of prophetic voices as the world’s financial doomsday. The most prominent of whom is Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish rabbi and author of The Habinger and The Shemitah. On this day,  the fourth and last Blood Moon will occur. What makes this occurrence of the Blood Moon different from the many others in history is that this time it coincides with the Shemitah, or Jubilee. At Jubilee, the Israelites were commanded to cancel all debts, free all slaves and return all property to their rightful owners.

The question that is on many people’s minds is “What if nothing happens on September 28?”  In particular, what if all that Jonathan Cahn predicted does not come to pass? Does it make him a false prophet?

First of all, Jonathan Cahn never claimed to be a prophet. He merely connected the dots that he sees in Scripture and in history. If all that he has said will happen does not happen on September 28, it does not mean that they will never happen. The crash is imminent. There is no escape except for the righteous.

As it was the case for the Flood, God has given more than ample warning to the people. And as in the days of Noah, people today are focused on the event rather than their souls. They were more interested in proving Noah wrong – that the Flood was just a figment of his imagination – than in doing the right thing for their own sake.

When the floodgates were opened, the people were still living in sin and rebellion. Among them were the descendants of Cain (the unrighteous line) and the descendants of Seth (the righteous line). Likewise, when God’s wrath is unleashed against all unrighteousness on the earth for the last time, many of the righteous line (Christians) will perish together will the unrighteous.

In case you missed it, the evildoers were not wiped out immediately. Over the next forty days they had plenty of time to realise their folly. When the door of ark closed so did the window of opportunity for repentance close for them.

Safe within the ark were Noah and his family; eight in all. Even then the only one among them that was deserving of salvation was Noah, the righteous. His wife and sons and their wives were saved on his account.


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