The End is Here But Not Yet

The End of Time is upon us and yet it is still a far off. Jesus categorically said that no one – repeat, no one – knows when the End is except the Father. But this has not stopped anyone from offering their opinions – sometimes more than just opinions – about when Christ will return. Those dates have come and gone, and we are still here…waiting, watching, and wondering.

Well, you can stop wondering and start acting to get ready, for when it happens it will be sudden, like a thief in the night.

When God had enough of man’s sinfulness, he gave the world a grace period of 120 years. This grace period was more for the benefit of Noah than for the people of the earth. Noah used this time to build the ark as God had commanded, while evil men used it to increase their sins. Noah built the ark following God’s instructions while men followed their evil desires of their hearts. There would not be a Revival or awakening as God has already given them over. If the days leading up to the End is going to be like the days of Noah before the Flood, then what the Church today ought to be doing is start building the “ark” based on God’s blueprint, not ours.

Who knows how much time we have left to do this. Who can say if the countdown hasn’t already started?

Besides Noah and his family, God also ordained for pairs of different animals to be rescued by the ark. How do you think Noah went about gathering those animals? Did he travel the known world in search of them? Perhaps he did for some of them. Imagine trying to persuade a couple giraffes to follow you. I think we should not totally discount the possibility that Noah had some supernatural help. God could have caused the animals to gravitate towards the place where Noah was, leaving Noah the easier take of herding them into the ark.

In the same way, God will cause his people to gravitate towards congregations that are built in accordance to his blueprint. Such congregations are usually obscured, not significantly large, full of grace and truth, peace and power. At the same time, counterfeit congregations will be established by the Enemy that will draw in droves of people, where the preaching tickles the ears of their listeners and the Holy Spirit is not allowed to do his work of convicting hearts of sin. These are sinking ‘arks’ with no life boats. Those who sail on them are destined to doom and destruction.


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