Hi there. My name is Joshua and welcome to my blog.

In 1995, my family and I were commissioned as missionaries to Kazakstan, Central Asia. On that day, during the commissioning service, God gave two prophetic words to me through two brothers in the congregation. Both of them had to do with the Bible character Joshua. To one God said that He will place the “spirit of Joshua” on me. The other brother simply told me to read the book of Joshua. I did; five times in a day.

Beginning from 1997, God began to lead me … in accordance to the book of Joshua.

From 1997 till 2002, God was teaching me to be a servant of another man, just as Joshua was “the servant of Moses”. He needed to make me humble so that He could exalt me in due time.

It was only in 2003, after I had passed the test, that I was allowed to proceed to the next verse: “Now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, into the land that I am giving to them, to the people of Israel.”

God’s mandate for me is to lead His people into the “Promised Land”. But what is the Promised Land? It would take me another seven years before I would know the answer. It is the Kingdom of God.

In 2005, I was transported in the spirit to heaven where I met with Paul the apostle. “Finish what I started,” was all he said to me. I have since then wondered what he meant. Recently, I was led to Acts 28:31 (the last verse of the book of Acts), which says that Paul was “preaching the kingdom of God and teaching things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ with confidence and without hindrance”. I see now what Paul meant: I must continue to preach the kingdom of God and about Christ.

I am an ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (ordained in 1997) and have served as a pastor and missionary since 1992.

This blog is created specifically for this purpose. I thank you for dropping by and trust that you will be blessed by what you find here.