The Difference Between Emotions And Feelings

Emotions are really chemicals released in response to our interpretation of a specific trigger. The sound of footsteps behind you as you are walking through a dark alley will result in adrenaline being released in your brain and body, preparing you to either fight or flee. It takes our brains only about 1/4 seconds toContinue reading “The Difference Between Emotions And Feelings”

How to Accept Your Partner’s Flaws

Every relationship, even the good ones, have conflicts that will never get solved. When you think you moved on from them (by sweeping them under the carpet, most likely), it pops up again some time in the future. According to relationship guru, Dr. John Gottman, about 70% of conflicts that a married couple have areContinue reading “How to Accept Your Partner’s Flaws”

Parents: 10 Steps to Connect With Your Adult Child

The world is full of mothers who are wondering why their adult sons don’t answer their calls, and fathers who struggle awkwardly to talk to their daughters. “What did I do wrong?” they ask. “Why can’t we be closer? Shouldn’t our relationship be easier now?”

Inter-generational Gatekeeping

The role of grandparents in the lives of young children cannot be underestimated. They can provide deep attachment bonds and safety. In this day and time, grandparents are an increasingly critical source of unpaid childcare for working parents. While caring for small children can be taxing and imposing, there are real benefits for the grandparentsContinue reading “Inter-generational Gatekeeping”

What Does A Good Marriage Preparation Programme Looks Like

I read with interest that a new proposal by a State Senator of Central Florida was put forward to require couples to read a marriage guide before tying the knot. (ABC Action News Nov 6, 2019). The guide, called the “Florida Guide to a Healthy Marriage” will cover topic like communication skills, parenting, conflict management,Continue reading “What Does A Good Marriage Preparation Programme Looks Like”