What day was Jesus born?

(From http://biblelight.net/sukkoth.htm) While much of the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December, can the actual day of Jesus' birth be determined from scripture? This question will be explored in some detail, and will yield a result that is quite intriguing. The first passage we will consider begins with the [...]


What year was Jesus born?

(From http://biblelight.net/year.htm) Some people have calculated that there were 4000 years from creation to the birth of Jesus. This would mean that 2000 A.D. placed us 6000 years after creation. Using the 7 day week as a template, and a day equaling a thousand years to God (2 Peter 3:8), this would seem to indicate six thousand years [...]

Christmas Traditions: Pagan or Christian?

(From http://www.patheos.com/blogs/panmankey/2013/12/christmas-traditions-pagan-or-christian/) It’s December which means it’s time to sell books and push the ridiculous narrative that a “War on Christmas” is being waged. There’s currently no war on Christmas, and when there has been a war on the holiday it’s one that has generally pitted Christian against Christian. Christmas is a holiday with numerous traditions [...]

Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?

The history behind evergreens, ornaments, and holiday gift giving. Edwin and Jennifer Woodruff Tait | posted on Christianity Today 12/11/2008 09:37AM   The evergreen tree was an ancient symbol of life in the midst of winter. Romans decorated their houses with evergreen branches during the New Year, and ancient inhabitants of northern Europe cut evergreen trees and [...]