Have you been told the truth?

Hardly? Am I saying that churches aren't preaching and teaching the truth? No, I'm not. I believe that most pastors and preachers sincerely want to preach and teach the truth. They, however, are restrained and constrained by a few factors. For one, everyone who has had a formal theological education in a seminary or bible [...]


Can a Christian loose his salvation?

Right click to save file “Do you believe a Christian can lose his salvation?” This was one of the questions posed to me during my ordination examination. And here is how I answered it. I said, “You cannot lose what you didn’t have in the first place”. By that I meant that there are those who [...]

Righteousness Apart From the Law : A look at three righteous men who lived before the Law was given.

Before the Law was given to Moses, the Bible records the lives of a few righteous men. They were Enoch, Noah, Job and Abraham. In this article, I will focus on just three of them since little to nothing is disclosed to us about Enoch. Noah was considered a righteous man because he heard God's [...]