5 Helpful Guidelines For Talking About Childhood Emotional Neglect With Your Spouse

Right now, today, all across the world, thousands upon thousands of couples are struggling with a problem that they cannot name. It’s a silent monster that stands between them, quietly and invisibly holding them apart. Believe it or not, the monster is not the fault of either partner. No one chose it and no oneContinue reading “5 Helpful Guidelines For Talking About Childhood Emotional Neglect With Your Spouse”

“I’ve found someone else”

I’ve seen it in the movies. I’ve also heard it from friends. “I’ve found someone else.” What is the appropriate response to such a statement? Should we be happy, or should we be sad. If you say you’ve found someone, it means that you’ve been looking. But why were you looking for someone else whenContinue reading ““I’ve found someone else””

Russell Moore on the Wedding Vow

Well, I think there’s an assumption behind the mentality of writing one’s own vows that is really dangerous to marriage. And the assumption is that the wedding is a celebration of the couple’s love. So, in the wedding, the couple will construct and articulate how they feel about each other, which I think has veryContinue reading “Russell Moore on the Wedding Vow”

Russell Moore on The Wedding Ceremony

One of the things I’ve noticed when I talk to people who are delaying marriage is they’re in a cohabitation situation. When I ask them why, at first, I was expecting a Low view of marriage. And sometimes you will [see that]. But I’ve actually found in talking to people that I rarely come acrossContinue reading “Russell Moore on The Wedding Ceremony”

7 Signs You are Showing Contempt Toward Your Spouse

Respected marriage expert John Gottman says that when spouses show contempt it is one of the clearest indicators that a relationship is not going to survive. Contempt may seem like such a strong word that you dismiss the thought of it being a problem in your marriage, but take a moment to ask yourself whether youContinue reading “7 Signs You are Showing Contempt Toward Your Spouse”