James L.

Hello Pastor Joshua. Thanks for wanting to hear from us. For me, I have not been attending regularly but then I really appreciate you taking the time. I like the format, not as structured but regular meeting to learn something and also the atmosphere is open for all of us to ask questions. Personally I like how the sessions allow us insights and as well as to think of what we have read and learnt critically. I have learnt a lot through your insightful teaching and perspective though sometimes i find myself tryin to reconcile some parts with what I have learnt and understood. I have meant to send a thank you to you after the roadmap course to say how much I have been blessed and how God spoke and answered me very clearly during that season but has been kept from doing so. But I appreciate the format, the whatsapp interaction, the unstructured way, the insights and the heart behind it. The timing is good too. Cant think of any other suggestions or comments but if do i will share with you. Thanks again Pastor Joshua.

Oh yes, the sharing of personal experience was encouraging.