Kelly M.

Dear Ps Joshua,

I thank God for you and your wife Kelly. Very encouraged, blessed and grateful for your selfless giving of your time to lead us for this season.

Below is how this discipleship process has benefitted me, what I have learned and how I have grown in the last few months.

·         Timely blessing from God to bring a good teacher and devoted Brothers’ and sisters’ sharing

·         To be conscious of being thankful for every blessing

·         Through life examples you and group have shared, God showed how He provides

·         Helped me step into knowing God’s character in a deeper way than before

·         Helped set me think deeper of Who God is to me

·         Learn to enjoy intimacy with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit – Grown spiritually

·         Knowing God’s expectation and  align the right motive

·         Learn how to claim promises of God through prayers

·         Learn how to pray more and cast care in God’s hand

·         Better understanding of temptation and who really is in control

·         Grown to build bigger faith through trusting and having the peace that God will answer according to His will

·         Meaningful deep group discussion help gain different prospective and how God works in their life

·         Effective methods of setting God’s word into our heart, mind and soul

·         Learn to look out and bless others and reduce focus on my need – God, our provider

Above are some pointer from reflection of the discipleship.There are much more that I have learnt and working on. Thanks also for being the messenger on the urgency to prepare for end times.