Sean G.

“Pastor, regarding the discipleship programme, firstly, I want to thank you for taking time to teach us. There are many things I learned and applied in my life. I learned that the less needs and less desire I have, the less temptation there will be. So nowadays, I am not so bonded by the material things. Secondly, you taught me that there are lots of promises in the Bible. Whenever I need something, just pray according to the promise. Jesus said, Ask and it shall be given”, and thus whenever I need something, I just ask and trust that God will give me or help me. And thus I feel less stressed up in my work. In addition, you explain that love is to give. That has given me a new horizon on how to love people and make my life more meaningful through caring and giving. In fact, there are so much things you have taught us and it is difficult for me to write down everything. Yes, the programme is good, it not only enlightens us but also allow us to clarify our doubts and at the same time grow in our faith and convictions. Thanks again. To God be the glory. Amen!