Here’s what people are saying…

Just want to say i really appreciate you as a teacher

Besides just being competent, knowledgeable and clear, showing understanding, experience and faith in what you teach, you have also opened your own life to us, attesting to the faithfulness of God’s promises. Your faith inspires us. Yet you have also shared difficulties that showed you are vulnerable and real.

You have been patient, caring and shown sincere love for us. Encouraging us throughout the week, not just when we meet. i have no doubt we are constantly in your thoughts and prayers. Indeed you are here to prosper our soul.

Freddy M.

Dear Ps Joshua,

I thank God for you and your wife Kelly. Very encouraged, blessed and grateful for your selfless giving of your time to lead us for this season.

Below is how this discipleship process has benefitted me, what I have learned and how I have grown in the last few months.

  • Timely blessing from God to bring a good teacher and devoted Brothers’ and sisters’ sharing
  • To be conscious of being thankful for every blessing
  • Through life examples you and group have shared, God showed how He provides
  • Helped me step into knowing God’s character in a deeper way than before
  • Helped set me think deeper of Who God is to me
  • Learn to enjoy intimacy with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit – Grown spiritually
  • Knowing God’s expectation and  align the right motive
  • Learn how to claim promises of God through prayers
  • Learn how to pray more and cast care in God’s hand
  • Better understanding of temptation and who really is in control
  • Grown to build bigger faith through trusting and having the peace that God will answer according to His will
    deep group discussion help gain different prospective and how God works in their life
  • Effective methods of setting God’s word into our heart, mind and soul
  • Learn to look out and bless others and reduce focus on my need – God, our provider

Above are some pointer from reflection of the discipleship. There are much more that I have learnt and working on. Thanks also for being the messenger on the urgency to prepare for end times.

Kelly M.

“Pastor, regarding the discipleship programme, firstly, I want to thank you for taking time to teach us. There are many things I learned and applied in my life. I learned that the less needs and less desire I have, the less temptation there will be. So nowadays, I am not so bonded by the material things. Secondly, you taught me that there are lots of promises in the Bible. Whenever I need something, just pray according to the promise. Jesus said, Ask and it shall be given”, and thus whenever I need something, I just ask and trust that God will give me or help me. And thus I feel less stressed up in my work. In addition, you explain that love is to give. That has given me a new horizon on how to love people and make my life more meaningful through caring and giving. In fact, there are so much things you have taught us and it is difficult for me to write down everything. Yes, the programme is good, it not only enlightens us but also allow us to clarify our doubts and at the same time grow in our faith and convictions. Thanks again. To God be the glory. Amen!

Sean G.

Through this course it has rekindled my interest in spending time with His Word. I have been living a dry spell for a few years. It is not that we have been doing a lot of bible study during Saturday classes. I just felt that you have allowed the Holy Spirit to lead the way. For example, lessons we just learned was taught over the pulpit the following Sunday. I used to worry a lot about work and finances when I retire. But now, I know that God created us not to toil.

How have I benefited? A renewed awareness of His love for me. That will motivate me to touch others with my actions.

Ps Joshua, I found your teachings more personal that pulpit teachings. You have availed yourself to correct, admonish, and show the way. Can repeat the class?

J. B. Han

Dear Pastor Joshua,

First of all, I would like to thank you for all you time and effort on teaching us God’s word. Every Saturday without failed, you will be there. We are the shameful one to always take it for granted that give excuses sometimes not attending class because of work. Thank you.
Since we started our class in late April, I have learned how to get ‘connected’ with God, communicate with God and let the current flow. I have learned how to ‘depend’ on God in all occasions and not depending on myself. And I have learned to ‘grow deeper’ with God rather than just merely touching the surface of the water. I dare not to say I have changed in terms of character by now though, but now I know everything happen for a reason. God has a plan for us and purposed. And we need to just “lean” on Him …
This class definitely help in our GROWTH in Christ!
Thank you and may God bless you.

Hello Pastor Joshua. Thanks for wanting to hear from us. For me, I have not been attending regularly but then I really appreciate you taking the time. I like the format, not as structured but regular meeting to learn something and also the atmosphere is open for all of us to ask questions. Personally I like how the sessions allow us insights and as well as to think of what we have read and learnt critically. I have learnt a lot through your insightful teaching and perspective though sometimes i find myself tryin to reconcile some parts with what I have learnt and understood. I have meant to send a thank you to you after the roadmap course to say how much I have been blessed and how God spoke and answered me very clearly during that season but has been kept from doing so. But I appreciate the format, the whatsapp interaction, the unstructured way, the insights and the heart behind it. The timing is good too. Cant think of any other suggestions or comments but if do i will share with you. Thanks again Pastor Joshua.

Oh yes, the sharing of personal experience was encouraging.

James L.

Hi Ps Joshua, I really enjoyed the Discipleship process. Really enjoyed that there was no strict timeline about the course of topics. Enjoyed the free range topic discussion, the study of the word and that U have a strong biblical understanding and reference to our questions. Mostly I think the clear instructions from the word gave me directions in life rather than lofty ideas of christian living. Also I really appreciated your personal time given to each of the disciples and your personal experience that accompanied the word. Thanks for teaching with questions and time for us to ponder our own answers than providing all the answers. In terms of improvement I can’t really think of any at the moment. But personally I think U mention we should read certain chapters before our class in the beginning stage but eventually we didn follow that. But I guess if we as disciples had practice our scripture reading more we can give better discussions point and questions. Thanks.