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Why was the first chapter of Genesis written and written the way it is?

Bear in mind that it was Moses who wrote the Book of Genesis after the Exodus and while he and the Israelites were still in the wilderness en route to the Promised land. Having spent four hundred years in Egypt, the Israelites knew only one version of the Creation story: the Egyptian version. Hence, as soon as possible, God had to tell them how it actually happened.

Archeologists and Egyptologists who have studied ancient Egyptian scripts and compared it against the Holy Scripture, have found that Genesis 1 was a point-by-point refutation of Egyptian cosmology. It was important that in preparation for a new life in a new land, the Israelites clearly knew that the One who delivered them was also the Creator of all things, and that his name is Yahweh.

This is just one of the discoveries you will make when you study the Torah with me.

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